My rant about the apparel and accessories small business

3 Stinky Monkeys BoutiqueBoutique types of apparel stores are slowly disappearing unless you also have a shopping based website and some serious marketing skills. I love clothes. I love fashion and style. I was always a retailer and stylist. By nature a salesperson and also a  creative thinker. An avid shop and seller.

What I am talking about is the kind of store that is essentially disappearing now. I cherish the years that I had my store. Having kids in the mix is not impossible with a storefront, but what about now a days? What is happening to brick and mortar stores if the creative buyers and sellers don’t have the hours to create innovative and competitive websites with warehouses of apparel to ship out to the masses?

If your passion lies with retail I would not suggest starting your own fashion shop. I would suggest working for someone else unless you are a manufacturer and have your own line of apparel or goods. The retail world …

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