A new age for clothing sales

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So if you own a clothing business you are probably wondering and hopeful about how this new year will be for sales. What is this economy going to do? Will the new presidency make a difference, and what if any? What will small businesses face going into the new year? We can only hope that it will be good for the economy.

If you have been in business awhile then you probably have major sales going on this month and are concentrating on marketing, marketing, marketing! Make sure you are sending your email blasts weekly and thanking every sale the next day!

As well as following up with people the next week and don’t forget to let them know about new items the second they come in! If you know your customer then you shouldn’t have any problems. If you have picked the right location for your shop you should be more than okay this year. If you know how to scale back depending on what’s going on with the economy then even better, and if you are smart enough to have a website no matter how bare bones, then this year might be really successful.

Right now is the perfect time to set some goals for your business, whether it be to get 10 new clients a week, market in a new way, or hire some help so that you can concentrate on new marketing strategies. Facebook and Instagram are an easy way to start are free to join! It is important to look into exactly what the key strategies are to getting the most out these social media outlets…..

For example, there are specific times of day and night that are the best times to post your pictures and messages. One strategy I am aware of is making your page relevant and to what you are selling and what your business message is! Do not post personal pictures of family, kids, etc., unless of course, this has to do with your personal message for the consumer.

I was guilty of intersecting my personal Instagram and my business which I can say first hand hurt my number of followers because it doesn’t look as professional. However, I also help to oversee my husband’s business on social media and I make sure it is speaking to his clients and not his personal life and interests. If I can intersect them in a way where it is relevant to his business then it’s fun to put in, but it’s best to stay within the subject . In doing it this way I have seen his numbers grow. Again I am not professionally schooled in this, but worth a try!

Being able to take the risk and hire outside marketing and media management is really the way to get results. Especially if you are not aware of these new marketing forums, or if you are old school in your business dealings in apparel or the garment industry. If I were to do my entire business over again now in the information age I would learn about social media only to further myself in business. It can be used as a waste of time for the lazy or it can be used as a tool for those willing to learn.

Me telling you to announce all of your upcoming sales on your Instagram and facebook pages may seem like I’m stating the obvious. Is it, though? I would have loved having guidance when 3 Stinky Monkeys was starting to suffer, and so I ask you to do one thing. Try a sale next week with daily posts about it and a chance for one customer to win an extra gift. See if it boosts your sales and if it does then next week do another type of sale while you work on another goal. I am curious to see the results….as for me I need to get working toward some of my own goals.

It doesn’t end and it is never over when you have an entrepreneurial spirit! This is true even more so if you have had a failed business in my opinion. What I have seen with my friends and families has led me to this conclusion. Imagine someone who has had their own business ideas be successful and deciding to go back to a corporate lifestyle for various good reasons. I have seen it, I have done it. But it’s not the way for all of us and I hope that if you have stinky monkeys of your own that you will fulfill your entrepreneurial ideas while you work your 9 to 5. Happy Monday!

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