Is it time to hire an employee?

hiring the right employeeSo you have got your business up, running, and there is some routine to the whole thing whether you are a retailer, or own another sort of business. Congratulations! I applaud you and hope you are setting new goals each year, each month, each week, and each day.

What I want to discuss today is what happens the day that your business cannot be run by you alone anymore! The hiring process can be grueling work on many different levels and should not be taken lightly. I’m talking about acquiring the right people and forming relationships with everyone you depend on to make your store run, and in my case, it was my floor salespeople to my storefront commercial window cleaning service.

This is your business and your personal vision so it is important, especially when your employee is working face to face with customers, that person understands exactly what you expect. I always hoped I would hire someone like the person I became …

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