how to choose baby apparel

How To Choose Baby Apparel

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Shopping for cute and adorable baby clothes is pretty exciting. If you are going to be a new parent, you are really looking forward to dressing up your newborn. But how do you buy clothes for someone you haven’t met? Before rushing in buying one of everything in the baby store there are different factors you should consider. The last thing you want is the clothes rubbing your child in the wrong way or being too small for them. Fortunately, by following this guide, you will be able to select the best clothing that your little one will get to enjoy in comfort and style.

Here are the factors to consider while choosing baby apparel:

Understand How Sizing Works

Most times we tend to ignore the little labels on the back of clothing. It will save you a whole lot of time if you check and determine the appropriate one for your baby. Sometimes age may not be significant when choosing baby apparel. Well, I mean there are babies within the same age group that wear different sized clothing. Therefore, weight is the best measure to use while shopping. It is usually listed along with the other parameters.

Ease of Changing

If you are a new parent, you are soon going to discover the importance of choosing clothes that are easy to take off and put on. When clothes are difficult to change, it may take longer, you’ll get frustrated, and it may upset your little one. Buttons are at times frustrating if you are blessed with a wriggly baby. Snaps always can come in handy. If you have a newborn, consider stretchy neck holes and which will gently slide over your baby’s head.

Safety First!

Your baby’s safety should be your number one priority while shopping for baby apparel. Most manufacturers are careful of the different kinds of clothing they sell. However, be vigilant on embellishments or appliques that may be pulled off and chewed by the baby. Yeah, bows and ties are uber cute on babies. However, they are choking hazards that may be harmful to the child. If you want decorated garments, make sure that they are sewed in tight. Moreover, drawstrings are strangulation hazards. Avoid clothing that has them to ensure that your baby is risk-free.


Although you may be enticed into buying cute clothes, some of them may not be as comfortable. When elastics, snaps, and zippers are put in the wrong spot or are close to the baby’s skin, they are sources of discomfort. Look for baby apparel that has a fabric layer that protects your child from zippers. Ensure that the elastic is well covered. The baby’s skin is very soft and delicate. Focus on getting soft fabrics that will be gentle on the baby’s skin. Consider clothes with high thread cotton count and synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Avoid rough fabric like wool.

The Ease of Care

Most times, new parents have it hard when they choose clothes that can’t be washed and dried by the machine. They usually require too much effort. Check the care requirements on the label before going your baby’s clothing. You will be really shocked to realize that there are many dry clean only and hand wash only kiddie clothes available than you would have imagined. Additionally, we all know that babies can be really messy sometimes, well, most times. Choose fabrics that are easy to wash off stains and dirt.

Purchase Small Amounts

Typically, babies grow over night. You don’t need a lot of the newborn clothes because your child will quickly outgrow all of them. Don’t be tempted to shop excessive clothes that your baby won’t probably get to wear.


You definitely don’t want to spend up all your cash on baby clothing. An excellent way to save cash when buying baby apparel is to watch on departmental sales. It gives you the best opportunity to stretch your limits and get a larger selection of baby clothes if need be. Each opportunity counts.

Buy most of the clothes after the baby is already born. If you buy bigger sized clothes, don’t remove the tags until you can use them. You may exchange them for something in the right size. Baby apparel should be practical, safe, simple and comfortable. You may choose all the different colors and styles that meet your fancy but always keep practicality and safety in mind. If you really need to, you can get one or two fancy outfits for special occasions.

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